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Weekly Message

By Reverend Dawn Gikandi


I got to a point, on this journey, that I decided that no one will steal the joy, peace and all I have from Christ. If I allow them or the enemy through them to make me miserable, I wouldn’t be any different. A proverb reminds me there’s no ‘thief’ and ‘onlooker’, they are technically one and the same. I will not be that onlooker.

It’s not easy. No. Have I struggled with my faith? Yes, more times than I can count. Do I enjoy the struggle? Of course not! Does God change because of my circumstances? Never. I, and of course all of us, have to fit into His plan, purpose, and will!

We’re overcoming. Even when the setbacks are ‘yelling’ and progress seems silent & ‘insignificant’. God made a way in the water, where there was ‘no way’. He is making a way for you through this quagmire. Yours is still a testimony in the making. Though it may seem otherwise. Just hang on, if it’s all you can do. Don’t give up on you. God is not done with you.

It’s not easy; and to be honest, it rarely gets easy. It’s actually very painful, especially if we use the parameters of people and situations around us. However, those are not the ones God uses. It’s also not about how fervently we pray. I’ve prayed seriously and God still did and does His will – whatever that is, to Him.

Church had been a very painful place for me – until I realised that my focus should be on Christ, and not the ‘Christians’ many of whom do not endeavour to live Christ-like as the name Christian suggests. The fruit of the Spirit has a component of patience (Galatians 5:22-23). Without that, or any other listed there, one wouldn’t have the Fruit of the Holy Spirit!

People usually judge us from their own biases. So wrong. I realised that we hurt ourselves even more when we judge ourselves from other people’s biases. So wrong. We may not keep people from their biases, but let’s us respond in a way that enriches life and honours God. As is said, you cannot stop a bird from flying above your head, but you can stop it from building a nest on your head.

When people aren’t lovers of God, they have a form or appearance of godliness (2nd Timothy 3:5), but the transformation that Godliness brings is missing. Because the ‘form’ or ‘appearance’ isn’t real. That is what ‘denying its power’ is about.

Let’s wait on God, God’s way. View life from His perspective. It’s not about our comfort or conforming, but transformation (Romans 12:2). It’s uncomfortable, but God is still at work, in His way. I have to wait and keep waiting patiently (Psalm 40:1). It’s God’s view, not any other, and I’m peaceful to know that He is the one in control – NOT ANY OTHER!